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The Archives and Records Challenges in the Digital Information Society (ARCHIDIS) Intensive Program will confront the challenges of creating, capturing, managing and preserving corporate and social memory in our digital information society. Through a case-study approach, participants will have an opportunity to apply a comparative lens to issues which are central to preventing digital amnesia: the loss of corporate and social memory through failure to appropriately manage archival records in the digital environment.

The 2013 IP in Dundee will focus on Appraisal and Social Memory. Appraisal (deciding what to capture and keep) is one of the most challenging concepts in the archives and records management discipline, from both the theoretical and practical implementation perspectives.

The IP will bring together students and teachers from seven countries with different European perspectives on archives and records management. The target groups are Master and PhD level students. High achieving third year bachelor students will also be accepted. An online learning environment will encourage students to prepare and work collaboratively in cross-cultural groups to explore various methodological approaches; strengths and weaknesses in current theoretical models and practices; and to explore ethical issues and directions for future developments. Teachers’ expertise will include records management, archival science and public information systems.

The expected outcomes for students are that they will have:

  • Developed comparative analysis skills through an international perspective;
  • Established an understanding of links between archival and records management perspectives, particularly focusing on electronic records;
  • Explored the social role of archives, the concept of corporate and social memory and its value in a democratic society; and
  • Developed an understanding of the role of professional records managers and archivists as active shapers of memory and the record.

On completion of the IP, students will receive 5 ECTS.

Teachers will benefit from a collaborative approach to curriculum design and the opportunity to develop and work in an online teaching environment. This IP is a first step to future innovative collaboration in the discipline. Evaluations of this experience will be presented at conferences for educators and trainers in the field of archives and records management and the wider profession.

The Program of the Summer School 2012

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